ECO Driving

Eco driving is a way of driving that reduces fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and accident rates. Ecodriving is about driving in a style suited to modern engine technology: smart, smooth and safe driving techniques that lead to average fuel savings of 5-10%.

Ecodriving offers benefits for drivers of cars, vans, lorries and buses: cost savings and fewer accidents as well as reductions in emissions and noise levels. Several European countries have implemented successful ecodriving programmes including UK. Our Driving College provides you training in an Eco friendly manner on an eco friendly car that have Co2 emissions less then 120g/km.

Smarter driving or eco-driving could save you up to £220 a year in petrol or diesel. And with fuel prices rising all the time, smarter driving could save you even more in the future.

If just half of drivers practiced moderate levels of EcoDriving, CO2 emissions could be reduced annually by about 100 million tons, or the equivalent of heating and powering 8.5 million households. Working together, we can substantially reduce CO2 emissions, one EcoDriver at a time.

All the cars we have are ECO Friendly with emissions less than 120 g/km.